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Snakeskin jackets are some of the hottest trends between wild print fabrics to simple realistic prints, snakeskin jackets are bold statement perfect for jazzing up any outfit.  There are many different ways to wear snakeskin, and not all of them involve killing a bunch of snakes or dealing with unrealistic looking threaded fabrics.

snake skin fabric jacketThe best way to get that animal hide look is to go with a jacket made from faux snakeskin such as vinyl.  Vinyl is a versatile fabric that can be utilized in clothing pieces, accessories, and even shoes.  Vinyl is animal friendly and extremely easy to care for unlike the true animal derived hides found in the older snakeskin fashions.

Celebrities and fans alike have been embracing the animal print trend this season, and even though it is about to be Spring that does not mean that you cannot pick a daring jacket to go with your wardrobe.  There are even many ways to accessorize your jacket with similar prints without going too far.

snakeskin fabric jacketCelebrity, Nicolas Cage has been seen in both movies and print ads wearing a bronze toned snakeskin jacket paired with a simple black t-shirt.  This look allows men to join in on the trends as well.  Men, generally, have a harder time when it comes to incorporating animal prints into their wardrobe as they are typically restricted to snakeskin boots, belts, or wallets.

However, wearing a loud jacket such as the one seen on Nicolas cage is the perfect start to slowly incorporating more snakeskin into male fashions.  Women tend to have less of a problem in selecting the appropriate snakeskin items for their wardrobe, however, a more daring and interesting choice would be to choose to wear a snakeskin print vinyl suit jacket.  When trimmed with black silk or similar fabric it gives this kind of jacket a more sophisticated look.  All you then have to do is to pair it with a simple black dress appropriate for the office.

Snakeskin is a fabric that should not be feared when incorporating into new environments, because if it is done properly the outcome can be a very stylish one.  Jackets of this print do not have to be of the natural animal hide print, they can be all black as well.  There are black snakes, yes, but we generally see more python styled pieces of grey and bronze.

shiny snakeskin fabricAnother interesting way to wear a snakeskin jacket is to choose one that is not only a single color, but that is patent finished, sequined, or shiny in some form.  This kind of finish to a jacket makes it pop when paired with more simplistic pieces.

Do something different and daring with your wardrobe and add a snakeskin jacket to it whether it is natural print or an even more interesting an unnatural print with sequins or bold colors.  This is one style trend that is not going away any time soon, and should last far into next season.

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