Snakeskin Fashions for Pets

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Traditionally, a dog’s main purpose is to be man’s best friend, an extension of the family, and to be a darling to the family. Initially, clothing for dogs was enforced in military regions in order to save the dogs from potential assaults and from being war casualties. However, dog clothing has changed with time.

Dog with Snakeskin Clothing

Dog with Snakeskin Clothing

Now, you can see different styles and types of clothing on dogs from snakeskin fabric collars to entire snakeskin fabric outfits. Oprah Winfrey treats her dogs like royalty and she actually provides an air conditioned dog house furnished with beds and other amenities for her pets.

Although some people do not agreeing with dressing pets, there are actually very compelling arguments for doing so.

In Favor of Dog Clothing

1. A dog’s clothing can be its direct line of attack. Clothing can protect your dog from cuts, scratches, scrapes, bruises, and possibly terrible weather conditions.
2. Dog clothing is trendy and fashionable. Lately, there have been many cats and dogs dressed in snakeskin fabric outfits. People are closely connected to their pets and sometimes equate how well an owner pampers his dog to the owner’s financial status.

3. Shoes can protect an animal’s paws. Sometimes the terrain can be rough, icy, hot, or covered with broken glass. In these situations, the animal’s paws will be safe.

Snakeskin Pet Collar

Snakeskin Pet Collar

4. Clothing may help repel insects, spider bites, and possibly ticks.
It only takes one sighting of Perez Hilton’s dog “Teddy” to wear a snakeskin fabric collar to start a new trend in the canine world. Right now, reptile fashions for pets are as big as reptile fashions for humans, an almost every stylish Beverly Hills dog has at least one item in their wardrobe.
If you’re still not ready to dress your dog up, a snakeskin collar or snakeskin pet carrier may be the best option for you. Like people, some dogs just aren’t quite bold enough to pull off reptile fashions, but they can incorporate it into their look with a simple collar or by riding in style on your arm.

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