Snakeskin Jeans

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women's snakeskin jeansJeans are a fun clothing to get playful with. For a rebellious rocker, they can come with holes already in them. For the neon, modern hipster, some jeans are multi-colored and “skinny.” For the tough-skinned individuals, there are jeans made from exotic materials, such as snakeskin. Since the majority of us do not have the time to hunt and skin snakes and reptiles, we rely on fabrics that make us think and feel like we are wearing the real thing.

Snakeskin and reptilian fabrics usually have a rough and rigid-looking exterior, but they can be stretchy and flexible. Many come in a 2-way stretch, which means they only stretch horizontally. This offers less ability to move freely, but can still be relaxed. However, a 4-way stretch fabric stretches both horizontally and vertically. Most are made with a soft, polyester backing, so the fabric is breathable, light, and not harsh on the wearer. Before buying snakeskin fabric, make sure to read about what types of materials are being used on the inside.

reptilian printThe outside of snakeskin fabric is embossed with vinyl, mimicking what some real snakeskin actually looks like. Not all snakeskin jeans have to look like they came off some vermin from a desert in Utah. A spectrum of patterns, colors, and textures exist. Snake prints range from shiny, silver metallic to hot pink reptilian print. The scales can be large, oval shaped, and painted with various colors, or they can be small, pearl-shaped, and a single color. Even crocodile skin can be replicated! Below are some helpful examples showing a few of the many types of snakeskin and reptile print.