Snakeskin Cosplay Outfits

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Costume play is not limited to specific costumes or themes. Instead, it’s an opportunity for people to dress up like their favorite characters from movies, comic books, cartoon shows, etc. Many of those who participate in cosplay their roles seriously and attempt to recreate a real-life version of their personal favorite moguls. Along with props and makeup comes the attire, and that is where the importance of material and fabric use come in. 

Someone who wants to depict the Joker, for example, is not going to wear a latex suit. But that does not mean the get-up is restricted to what is usually portrayed. Nephrite, a character from an anime show called “Sailor Moon,” is a good model of how dexterous fabrics can be in costume-making. In the cartoon, Nephrite looks to be wearing a cloth-oriented suit. Because his wardrobe is subtle in colors and tone, black snakeskin would work fairly well as Nephrite’s top piece.

Nephrite Cosplay Snakeskin CostumeSnakeskin is usually connected to adjectives like “thick,” or “rough,” but those descriptions don’t apply to the whole. There is snakeskin that is thinner, flexible, has a duller finish, and patterns that are embossed rather than printed. Stretch ability varies, it’s not costly, and it would be something different to fool with.

Cosplay encourages unique costumes or add-ons, too. The evil Spiderman, whose colors are black and silver, could have a suit made from light gray snakeskin, or even have the head piece, if separate, styled from reptilian pattern. A personal twist is always an admirable touch.

Snakeskin is actually a flexible fabric if used creatively. Combinations can be made from its physical qualities to its symbolic ones. There doesn’t seem to be a genre that it cannot work with or around.


Ideas for White Snakeskin

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The trend of animal prints and faux skins are still going strong. And the possibilities for prints are endless: cheetah, zebra, tiger, and snake. Whether you want to subtly add the print in the form of an accessory or you want to add it in a bigger way with a dress or pants, you too can follow the call of the print.

Some of the prints are better used than others, presumably, the cheetah print. To be a little more original, you could look in to adding a white snakeskin to your wardrobe attire. It is still very trendy and can be paired with a lot of different pieces no matter if you add the snakeskin as an accessory or as your main piece of clothing. Here are some ideas that you may want to add to your closet.

A White Snakeskin Pant:
The printed, white snakeskin pant is a stunning piece that you will be sure to love. Here, it is simply paired with a white top to make it very simple. While this is a fairly casual outfit, it can be instantly glammed up with a nice blazer. And although the white on white is a great look, you can add a lot of color to contrast the whiteness of the pants. A simple, plain colored top with bring out the pattern of the snakeskin nicely. The possibilities are endless with these pants.

A White Snakeskin Dress:
Kim Kardashian shows off a very nice yet simple white snakeskin dress. In the form of a dress, you can let the print speak for itself with little accessorizing as Kim does here. Pair with black heels and only earrings for jewelry; the dress is the focus of attention.

A White Snakeskin Swimsuit:
To take the print to an even more casual setting, you can get it in the form of a swimsuit. It is a great way to follow the trend to the beach. With the added black frills on the edges of the top, there is a nice contrast between the print and the solid materials.

However you choose to add the print, the number of ways to fashion them and make them work for you are endless. Prints can be easy going and sophisticated at the same time. Have fun with it!