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Snakeskin Ottoman

Snakeskin Ottoman

Although leather is the only type of animal hide that most Americans have seen furniture made from, around the world, furniture, clothing and other miscellaneous items are made from various types of animal hides. Even though many exotic animals are illegal to hunt, poachers have paid no attention to the laws and killed these animals for their hides and body parts.

It is when elephant, gorilla and rhinoceros legs are used as the base for a table, as well as their tusks used for dozens of odd decorations, that some people develop a taste for the exotic. In countries such as South Africa, ostrich skin has become popular for people with wealth

and social status to make lounge suites, ottomans and other types of furniture and accent pieces. As snakeskin becomes increasingly popular, so does the desire to have snakeskin as the furniture medium of choice by these people with a unique taste.

Furniture that is made by using snakeskin usually is very durable, due to its pliable and tough design by nature, and is waterproof for the same reasons. If you are looking for animal-friendly options, embossed vinyl can give you an equally stylish variation on the look.

Snakeskin Chair

Snakeskin Chair

Snakeskin prints are a great way to subtly incorporate the look into a room to give it the special and exotic look. Many of the natural markings and colorings of the snake will blend into virtually any type of décor but is probably most fitting in a more rustic style of decorating.

If you’re not quite bold enough to wear a snakeskin print, incorporating snakeskin style fabrics into your décor can be a fun way to take part in the trend. Snakeskin fabrics come in all variations, from those traditionally seen in nature to fun metallics and othercolors and finishes that are certain to add a touch of personality to your home.

Moral benefits of faux snakeskin

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Snakeskin has been in the fashion world for awhile now, but a lot of people will not buy it because it goes against their morals. Real skins do in fact come from real snakes, and most people have a problem with wearing something made from snakeskin because of that. Luckily, faux snakeskin has come a long way over the years, and it now looks and feels just like the real deal. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about any moral dilemmas in buying it. Here are a few other benefits you may look forward to with the faux skin alternative.

Because faux snakeskin is manmade, it is designed to be more durable than traditional snakeskin. Thus you can get more use out of your clothing and accessories when they are made out of faux snakeskin than you can out of the ones made from traditional snakeskin.

If you are trying to sew something with snakeskin, it is going to be much easier to do so on the faux option than the real one. Faux skins are made to sew well, so you can create whatever you want to with them.

Faux snakeskin is significantly cheaper to buy than real snakeskin, and it still provides the same look in the end. In this state of the economy, any savings you can find will be a positive one. Luckily in this case, you don’t have to make any sacrifices as a result of the savings.

Whether you buy faux snakeskin purely for moral reasons or you like some of the other benefits you can gain from it, you should have no reason to complain about having this fabric in your life if you decide to work with it in the future.

Snakeskin Purses Slither to the Top

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Snakeskin purses and handbags have been around for awhile, but there have never been so many versions of them as there are today. Whether you want a classic bag that you can use every day or you want a special clutch that you will only wear once, you can find something you like made out of snakeskin. There are tons of styles and colors to choose from, and they are all fashion relevant in the end. You just have to find the piece that is perfect for you.

Faux snakeskin has come a long way over the years, and it now looks more realistic than ever. Many shoppers will not buy snakeskin bags because the ideal of using real snakeskin goes against their beliefs. Luckily, those shoppers can now get the purses they want without having to compromise their morals along the way. You could do the same.

Faux snakeskin bag

Faux snakeskin bag


Snakeskin is durable and waterproof, so it works well in just about any situation. It can be paired with faux leather, vinyl, or just about any other modern fabric, but it also works well on its own. You may get a bag with just a hint of snakeskin on the straps, or you may get one that has snakeskin covering the entire bag. The options are almost endless.

Snakeskin purse

Snakeskin purse

Snakeskin is one of those fabrics that will not fade in popularity any time soon. While it may have been associated with only bikers and boots a few decades ago, it is now a fabric that works well in many other fashions around the world. You could make your own snakeskin handbag if you wanted a one of a kind piece to call your own, or you could buy something in stores. Whatever you decide to do, you can at least know that you are in fashion whenever you wear something like this.

Video commentary: Snake skin fashions

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This snake skin fashion video is a quick thirty second look at some of the hottest ways to pull together a mostly snakeskin look.  In this video you see style ideas that can be used in all seasons.  The greatest thing about this video is the outfits shown are also paired with some chic snake skin accessories.

The fashions and accessories in this video do not always match the outfits in style and color of the snakeskin print, but instead they are coordinated to not be overpowering.  One of the first outfits features a grey pleather snake skin jacket with a golden yellow similar print handbag and a pair of snakeskin rimmed sunglasses.  This look pairs a bold print with smaller similar print items that don’t detract from the look of the statement piece.

The next look is of a simple snakeskin printed sleeveless blouse with matching gloves and scarf, not to mention if you look closely, there are a pair of hot matching heels.  The way this video is set up allows for the viewer to see some of the trendiest fashions without taking too much time to explain what goes with what and why.

You can see the simple explanations through the looks presented learning that all you need is one bold snake skin statement piece, and then add a few smaller accessories which will complement the outfit well.  Pairing simple items with a bold piece can take an outfit to the next level.

There is even a way to bring together multiple eye catching pieces as with the one ensemble where the model is wearing a snake skin print dress, and snake skin decorated waist belt and a bright bold sequin jacket.  The pairing of the different materials allows for some trendy fashion ideas fit for a club or event.

Jackets from snake skin

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Snakeskin jackets are some of the hottest trends between wild print fabrics to simple realistic prints, snakeskin jackets are bold statement perfect for jazzing up any outfit.  There are many different ways to wear snakeskin, and not all of them involve killing a bunch of snakes or dealing with unrealistic looking threaded fabrics.

snake skin fabric jacketThe best way to get that animal hide look is to go with a jacket made from faux snakeskin such as vinyl.  Vinyl is a versatile fabric that can be utilized in clothing pieces, accessories, and even shoes.  Vinyl is animal friendly and extremely easy to care for unlike the true animal derived hides found in the older snakeskin fashions.

Celebrities and fans alike have been embracing the animal print trend this season, and even though it is about to be Spring that does not mean that you cannot pick a daring jacket to go with your wardrobe.  There are even many ways to accessorize your jacket with similar prints without going too far.

snakeskin fabric jacketCelebrity, Nicolas Cage has been seen in both movies and print ads wearing a bronze toned snakeskin jacket paired with a simple black t-shirt.  This look allows men to join in on the trends as well.  Men, generally, have a harder time when it comes to incorporating animal prints into their wardrobe as they are typically restricted to snakeskin boots, belts, or wallets.

However, wearing a loud jacket such as the one seen on Nicolas cage is the perfect start to slowly incorporating more snakeskin into male fashions.  Women tend to have less of a problem in selecting the appropriate snakeskin items for their wardrobe, however, a more daring and interesting choice would be to choose to wear a snakeskin print vinyl suit jacket.  When trimmed with black silk or similar fabric it gives this kind of jacket a more sophisticated look.  All you then have to do is to pair it with a simple black dress appropriate for the office.

Snakeskin is a fabric that should not be feared when incorporating into new environments, because if it is done properly the outcome can be a very stylish one.  Jackets of this print do not have to be of the natural animal hide print, they can be all black as well.  There are black snakes, yes, but we generally see more python styled pieces of grey and bronze.

shiny snakeskin fabricAnother interesting way to wear a snakeskin jacket is to choose one that is not only a single color, but that is patent finished, sequined, or shiny in some form.  This kind of finish to a jacket makes it pop when paired with more simplistic pieces.

Do something different and daring with your wardrobe and add a snakeskin jacket to it whether it is natural print or an even more interesting an unnatural print with sequins or bold colors.  This is one style trend that is not going away any time soon, and should last far into next season.

Snake skin for summer

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Summer is coming and that means lots of time at the beach and time for a new bathing suit. Many of us tend to go for the single colored or simple print bathing suit. However, why not go for something a little more daring and exciting that that tired old bathing suit in your drawer?

Snakeskin print bathing suits are in this coming season, and they are sexier than ever. These bathing suits come in all shapes and designs from bikinis to one pieces nearly anyone can have fun when adding snakeskin to their bathing collection. Bathing suits need not be of the simple bra and bottom design; they can also be a little more complicated and a little more interesting than your typical design.

Swimsuit from python print fabric.Picking a new bathing suit may seem daunting to some, but there are so many different choices out there that you are sure to find the perfect one for you. You can pick a simple chic natural print python string bikini to wear to the beach, to the pool, or anywhere you might have some fun in the water and in the sun.

Naomi Campbell wearing swimsuit from snake skin fabric.Feel like a celebrity in another great bathing suit of the same print, but in the style of a front crisscross over the abdomen. This itty bitty bikini is both sexy and daring leaving very little to the imagination; celebrity Naomi Campbell has been seen walking the runway in this suit. You can also choose a print that is a little more playful with a snakeskin printed bathing suit in bright fun colors.

Pregant mom wearing snake skin fabric bathing suit.Even pregnant moms can get in on the action with baby doll top bathing suits with bright blue python print. Even one pieces look dynamite when made with snakeskin print, because it is a larger surface area the print will be big enough to make you noticed. Getting noticed at the beach is one of the best feelings in the world, but getting noticed when wearing a sexy bathing suit feels even better.

All these bathing suits come in different colors and shapes and can look good on any body type. The best part about this print of bathing suit is that it is generally made of vinyl fabric making the bathing suit animal friendly as well as easy to care for. Vinyl is not dry clean only, in many instances it can be washed gently or just given a good wipe down with a cloth and some soap.

Vinyl bathing suits are also a better suited for the water, because they repel water rather than suck it up. When you get out of the water, nobody wants to be dripping wet with water, especially if you are planning on going somewhere, so why not choose a fabric that allows you to be a little bit drier than the competition.

Summer is the season to wear the daring and the bold; it will be worth your while to take your bathing suit decisions to the next level with a snakeskin print in a vinyl material.

Fabrics and trends for Spring

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This YouTube video, Must Have Accessories for Spring/Summer, shows some wonderful examples of the hottest accessories for this season.  The best part about this video is the numerous snakeskin accessories depicted.  Snakeskin fabric is definitely in this season!  This video shows the trends straight from the runways, and you know if it’s been on the runway then it is going to be number one look on celebrities and fashionistas alike.

At time 0:25 we have a gorgeous snakeskin print handbag in pink and yellow coloring.  This color popping look gives all the sexiness of your typical snakeskin fashions and the vibrant colors of spring.  Paired with a sexy sundress or a pair of hot jeans, this would be a great accessory to add to your wardrobe, but what else can we take from this purse?  It also represents all the fun of spring with vibrant colors daring you to think outside the box when it comes to your favorite prints.


Snakeskin was once reserved for the fall and winter season when we are in the greatest need for heat trapping fabrics that are stylish and fun, however, snakeskin is now getting a new life in a new season.  Later on in time 0:54 we see a wild printed dress with snakeskin, fur, and a great little reptile print belt.  From this look we can take the accents on the dress as a hint to be sure to add some decorative trims, and incorporate a stylish belt.

Around 2:47 we get to what the YouTube poster, FatFashionista, calls the Monty Python.  Here the video shows a collage of all the the snakeskin inspired runway fashions for this season.  Here we can see sexy python printed heels, handbags, belts, watches, and more.  There are some to die for thigh-high bronze snakeskin boots, large snakeskin printed handbags, and some wildly designed heels that stretch the imagination.

We later get to some outfits such as blouses, jackets, pantyhose, and dresses.   One of the sexiest looks here is a pair of snakeskin pantyhose that are see-through.  This kind of look gives all the coverage of a regular set of pantyhose with the sexiness of some snakeskin appliques.   There is even a 100% crocadile-like print look that is to die for at time 3:08 that can be used in both fall and spring seasons.

This short four minute video is the perfect tool for any fashionable person looking to add some zing into their wardrobe.  You can either go hunting the racks for the same exact styles or be creative and make your own personalized and tailored look with the help of some high quality snakeskin fabrics available at your trusted animal-friendly retailer.  Save a few animals, and choose the animal friendly alternative, faux snakeskin.

Reptile print bathing suits

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This Summer give the water a little scare with some sexy and hot faux snake skin bathing suits.  Reptile prints are in this Spring/Summer season, and the trend could never be sexier.  Designers are rolling out not only snake skin clothing and accessories, but also incorporating snakeskin printed swimsuits as well.  You might be surprised by this as, in general, snakeskin has been a Fall/Winter season material, however, this season there is a twist to the plain of black and grey colored snakeskin of the past.  We will be seeing snakeskin in non-natural colors that are perfectly fitting for summer time.  Bright neons, oranges, pinks, blues, greens, and purples will be all the rage.

Faux snakeskin bathing suit greenTake a simple string bikini and put bright grass green snakeskin print on it, and it turns into something completely different form the norm.  The top and bottom transform into a beautiful and eye-catching swimsuit that will be sure to be spotted from a distance.  Many people may be worrying about the ability to take such swimsuits into the water, however, these swimsuits are practical using the inexpensive vinyl materials that are able to be put in the water without damaging the material.  Unlike regular snakeskin where you must take be careful to not harm the scales and such, but faux snakeskin makes life so much easier.

If you are truly ambitious you can go to your trusted faux snakeskin fabric retailer and make the perfect fitting snakeskin bikini just for you.  You can create a look like the one-piece one-shoulder bright pink snakeskin swimsuit with simple sewing materials such as the bright pink faux snakeskin fabric, a sewing machine, a pattern, and your measurements.  You can simply sew together your pattern with a sewing machine, and you will be ready to wear your trendy swimsuit.

Reptile print fabric swimsuitAnother popular look for the 2011 season is that of the neutral and natural colored snakeskin.  These more natural colored snakeskins are not of the dark variety, but are of the light grey or of the white variety.  These neutral colors are great for individuals who want to look sexy yet sophisticated, while the swimsuits with the bold and bright colors are more for individuals who are daring and want to be noticed.  If you want to step out of your comfort zone, but you are still not willing to were a neon yellow snakeskin bikini, then a simple grass green or purple snakeskin swimsuit may be appropriate for you as the colors are not too bold, but bold enough to make a statement.

All of these fun and wonderful options for snakeskin swimsuits are available in many stores, and are easy enough for you to make on your own.  Even while you are sitting on the beach or by the pool you can accessorize your plan old swimsuit with some snakeskin accessories such as a sexy snakeskin belts or jewelry.  This simple yet small accessories will bring you into the trends for this year, but will speak volumes especially when they are in bright colors.   For the daring and the laid back, there is sure to be a snakeskin inspired swimsuit look just for you.

Snake skin fabric accessories

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Snake skin is everywhere!  It is in accessories, dresses, tops, and shoes.  The snake skin look has gathered steam from fall fashions to a newly revived spring and summer look. When we generally think of python or snake skin fabrics we think of black, grey, or dark brown colors that match with the fall season’s darker color schemes, however, this coming season the rules have changed.  Now, we are going to see shoes, handbags, belts, jewelry, and more in bright hues of every color and pattern from multi-colored snake skin heels to bright and bold colored snake skin handbags.

Yellow snake skin fabric hand bag.There are many ways to incorporate this funky and fun Spring/Summer trend through both simple and eccentric means.  For those women who find it hard to wear large prints like snake skin in either clothing or large handbags, you can simply accessorize with some hot snake skin strapped watches, a pair of eye-catching multi-colored pumps, or a simple and sleek bright or neutral colored handbags.  Even choosing a snake skin belt this season as opposed to the tired and true black pleather belt is a perfect small way to be trendy this season.

Neutral colored accessories are also in so choose  bright grey, silver, or a white based snake skin accessory and keep it neutral.  Or you could go wild with neon colors that are meant for show stopping.  There are many different options and many different color schemes that you are sure to find the right one for you.  Do not fret about whether your new trending handbag should be large, small, or whatever size as the only trend that matters is the coloring.

Brightly colored snakeskin fabric shoeThe Spring/Summer season invokes a feeling of life and light, therefore we want to be surrounded by the colors that are blooming all around us.  Colors of bright grass green, purple, pink, yellow, and blue allow us to become enveloped with the beauty of the season.   If you really want to get into the spirit of the season, making your own items trendy items is one way to do it.  You can purchase high quality snakeskin fabric at your trusted retailer and just go with the flow.

Pick colors that scream Spring and Summer and you will be sure to hit the nail on the head when it comes to this season’s trends.  Belts and bracelets are some of the simplest homemade items that can be made with snakeskin fabrics, buckles, and stubs.  You can even trend-up your older belts by wrapping around some newly bought snakeskin fabrics giving those last season wears a new life.

Snake skin fabrics and prints are all about having fun, and embracing the beauty of nature, however, this does not have to be done at the expense of not only your wallet but an innocent animal as well.  Choose the inexpensive yet innovative option of faux snakeskin in order to create these newest trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Snakeskin Coats and Long Skirts by Missoni

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Italian fashion powerhouse, Missoni, has long been known for its eye-catching zig-zag prints and patterns that have made it a status symbol the world over.  For Fall and Winter of 2011 to 2012, the Milanese legend showcased another pattern that is catching just as many eyes and turning just as many heads:  snakeskin.

On the runway, the model showed off a full-length snakeskin coat that was a true show-stealer, putting all eyes on the elegant and hip selection, making it the must-have coat for fall and winter.  The Missoni snakeskin coat was a statement piece that captivated everyone and inevitably became the “statement” that everyone wanted to make with their clothing.

It is not just Missoni that is embracing the trend; snakeskin and other animal prints have been popping up all over the runways and it is evident that the look is here to stay for awhile.  It is being seen in all colors, from muted beiges and greys to bold reds to bright yellows and oranges and on all different types of clothing to accessories. Jimmy Choo showed handbags in all colors, Chloe showed a coat similar to the one by Missoni, Marc Jacobs showed a futuristic snakeskin dress, Valentino showed off knee-high boots, and Gucci showed a retro look with a modern take: a yellow snakeskin and fur waistlength jacket.

The snakeskin look is all about making it your own and doing what you are comfortable with.  If you’re a little snakeskin-shy, a handbag may be a great option for testing out the look; if you’re feeling a little more bold, boots may be the way to go for you; if you whole-heartedly embrace the trend and have a fashion-forward side that loves to be daring, one of the coats or dresses will satisfy your love of snakeskin.