“Hunger Games”-Katniss Black Snakeskin Outfit

Category : Reptile fabrics, Snakeskin Fabrics

The Hunger Games trilogy exploded overnight, creating a buzz that did not stop until a movie was made. An advantage of a book-to-movie is seeing characters come to life. “The Hunger Games” cast is composed of original personalities, whose costumes are a match to them. This includes Katniss, the main focus of the story.

Hunger Games Black Snakeskin OutfitMany of her costumes are inspired by leathers and/or thicker materials, like her brown leather hunting outfit. For her “tribute parade,” Katniss’s hair is done up like Princess Leia’s, but her costume is far more edgy. There is a lot of snakeskin incorporated. Its finish is glossy, and the lapels resemble the odd curvatures of a snake. The costume fits tightly but not in the spandex or latex style. The material provides room to breathe.

“The Hunger Games” will most likely provide a mass amount of influence for upcoming cosplay and Halloween outfits. It’s a fairly simple costume to reproduce, and it is unisexual, which could make for a great couples-themed costume. A few options to play with, in order to make the costume pop out, would be things like color (maybe a darker brown), or exterior (maybe not as shiny). Faux leather could be added, perhaps to the collar. Snakeskin makes for a cooperative material, and is obviously a way to help accentuate mystery and strength.