Cosplay costumes with snakeskin

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Snakeskin fabric is extremely versatile and likewise has great potential for any number of costumes. Snakeskin possesses an inherent intrigue and mystique due to its pattern, which presents variances in shade and texture. As such, it can play a very effective role in seductress costumes, contributing an exotic allure and sense of dangerous beauty.

Faux crocodile fabric

Faux snakeskin and reptilian fabrics:

Devil costume with snakeskin print fabric.This devilish diva’s costume plays up snakeskin’s steamy sex appeal to a tee. Here the cinnamon red shades of glimmering polyester snakeskin fabric contrast against the bright reds present in the velvety cape, providing a hard, urban edge to this otherworldly costume. The material is perfect for a chic mini tube-dress, making the overall costume nefariously feminine and deviously delectable.

Black cat costume made from stretch vinyl fabric.Similarly, this black cat costume contributes a sleek, sexy appeal while still remaining playful with its fluffy faux fur trimmings. Though the snakeskin pattern itself is not noticeable against this black polyester material, the light gleaming off the “scales” of the fabric really makes this look come alive. It also pairs perfectly with these PVC patent leather boots pictured.  As a lightweight, stretchy material, polyester snakeskin is the preferred fabric in these feminine costumes (as opposed to PVC) due to its ability to provide movement while hugging curves.

If, on the other hand, a masculine look is desired, it is better attained by using a harder PVC patent vinyl medium. For instance, in these military-style uniforms (pictured left) of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon characters General Kunzite (left) and Nephrite (right), PVC is used to convey the stiff austerity of these generals. Though the original characters’ outfits don’t use snakeskin, it was an ingenious stylistic choice on the part of these costumes’ creator. In Kunzite’s black uniform, the scaly texture plays off the lights and creates an almost metallic effect. Considering the very theatrical look of the character’s authentic costume on the show, and the character’s role as a dark and mysterious but engaging and often charming villain, the choice of snakeskin was a very appropriate choice.

Moreover, the black vinyl snakeskin is rugged and authoritative, conveying the character’s hardened persona as a leader of the generals. Meanwhile, the smooth red, suede-like snakeskin fabric that constitutes Nephrite’s costume reflects the more vulnerable, human side of that character. At the same time, the red and black shades complement the character’s similarly colored hair and ultimately identify the character as a hot-headed villain. Without the addition of snakeskin in these costumes, the intrigue provided by the variances of light and color would be lost.

Snakeskin pimp costume.Likewise, the hot pink snakeskin-patterned PVC fabric used in this gangster pimp costume demonstrates another expert choice for this material. The sleek appearance of the vinyl snakeskin suggests an oily, sleazy personality which the snakeskin pattern (especially in this loud, garish pink) only elaborates upon. Whereas a slick pink suit would typically look out of place for a pimp, the snakeskin print adds an urban toughness that hardens the entire character of the suit. Moreover, variances in color and texture provided by the snakeskin make the costume not only flashy but interesting.

Snakeskin print jacket.Finally, let’s not forget Woody Harrelson’s zombie-killing, snakeskin-clad character in Zombieland! The sharp, rugged snakeskin jacket serves as a distinguishing centerpiece to this otherwise simple, fun costume. Paired with faded blue jeans and a Crocodile Dundee-esque hat, this jacket serves as the ultimate symbol of a toughened, survival-minded individual, and makes no question about its origin; the bold snakeskin pattern is immediately recognizable and thus makes a broad statement. Using snakeskin-styled faux leather, you could easily and inexpensively recreate this jacket for cosplay or everyday wear. (Zombieland photo credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Paired with a variety of colors and fabrics, snakeskin can convey a vast number of moods and personalities, likewise making it a highly adaptive fabric perfect for any number of cosplay or costume projects. Whether you choose to boldly parade snakeskin or wear it more subtly, the fabric always adds something unique and intriguing to your costume. So, when gearing up for your next cosplay convention or costume party, consider incorporating snakeskin fabric into your outfit!