Moral benefits of faux snakeskin

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Snakeskin has been in the fashion world for awhile now, but a lot of people will not buy it because it goes against their morals. Real skins do in fact come from real snakes, and most people have a problem with wearing something made from snakeskin because of that. Luckily, faux snakeskin has come a long way over the years, and it now looks and feels just like the real deal. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about any moral dilemmas in buying it. Here are a few other benefits you may look forward to with the faux skin alternative.

Because faux snakeskin is manmade, it is designed to be more durable than traditional snakeskin. Thus you can get more use out of your clothing and accessories when they are made out of faux snakeskin than you can out of the ones made from traditional snakeskin.

If you are trying to sew something with snakeskin, it is going to be much easier to do so on the faux option than the real one. Faux skins are made to sew well, so you can create whatever you want to with them.

Faux snakeskin is significantly cheaper to buy than real snakeskin, and it still provides the same look in the end. In this state of the economy, any savings you can find will be a positive one. Luckily in this case, you don’t have to make any sacrifices as a result of the savings.

Whether you buy faux snakeskin purely for moral reasons or you like some of the other benefits you can gain from it, you should have no reason to complain about having this fabric in your life if you decide to work with it in the future.

Snakeskin Purses Slither to the Top

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Snakeskin purses and handbags have been around for awhile, but there have never been so many versions of them as there are today. Whether you want a classic bag that you can use every day or you want a special clutch that you will only wear once, you can find something you like made out of snakeskin. There are tons of styles and colors to choose from, and they are all fashion relevant in the end. You just have to find the piece that is perfect for you.

Faux snakeskin has come a long way over the years, and it now looks more realistic than ever. Many shoppers will not buy snakeskin bags because the ideal of using real snakeskin goes against their beliefs. Luckily, those shoppers can now get the purses they want without having to compromise their morals along the way. You could do the same.

Faux snakeskin bag

Faux snakeskin bag


Snakeskin is durable and waterproof, so it works well in just about any situation. It can be paired with faux leather, vinyl, or just about any other modern fabric, but it also works well on its own. You may get a bag with just a hint of snakeskin on the straps, or you may get one that has snakeskin covering the entire bag. The options are almost endless.

Snakeskin purse

Snakeskin purse

Snakeskin is one of those fabrics that will not fade in popularity any time soon. While it may have been associated with only bikers and boots a few decades ago, it is now a fabric that works well in many other fashions around the world. You could make your own snakeskin handbag if you wanted a one of a kind piece to call your own, or you could buy something in stores. Whatever you decide to do, you can at least know that you are in fashion whenever you wear something like this.

Snakeskin fabrics in the media

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Along with other reptilian fabrics, snakeskin is in. Stylish scales can be seen paraded on the accessories and outfits of several big-name celebrities on and off the runway.

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Haute Commodities: The latest styles in snakeskin

Jimmy Choo Suede & Snakeskin Sneakers

Jimmy choo snakeskin shoes.One of the hottest contributions to snakeskin-themed fashion arrives this year via these extravagant new sneakers from Jimmy Choo. Highly-anticipated for a Spring 2010 release, this foray into sneakers demonstrates that Jimmy Choo can tackle any style and make it look fabulous! The soft blue suede is classy while the brighter vinyl-trimmed snakeskin adds an urban edge fitting for an athletic shoe. Available in both low top and high top varieties, these snakeskin sneakers weigh in at $470 and $630 respectively.

Summer 2010 Air Jordan II: Blue/Black

Another line of sneakers sporting snakeskin this season is the Air Jordan II. Snakeskin can be seen on the sides of these luxurious blue leather trainers, outlined with black piping.  These swank shoes are due for a late summer 2010 release.

Nike Air Force 25 Low Premium: Black Mamba

Not to be outdone, Nike has also released some killer snakeskin sneakers. Inspired by Kobe Bryant’s alias “Black Mamba,” these shoes rock the ebony scales of the serpentine’s namesake. This snakeskin paneling adorning the toe-box, collar, heel and lace looks right at home against the premium black leather base while sharply contrasting against the ice blue and white soles and purple laces. All in all this is a sporting entry from Nike that really plays up the inherent suaveness of snakeskin.

iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose

High fashion pink leather ipod case.Partnering with Milan’s David de Nizza, Liverpool luxury good company Stuart Hughes has taken a page from the runaway by bringing us fashion-savvy techs a pimping new handset for the Apple iPhone. The backs of these gold-studded handsets feature authentic Indonesian python skin in a wide spectrum of colors suited for every taste (or outfit). One of the more glamorous models sports 24ct gold bezel and Swarovski crystals, while others feature embellishments of sapphires and diamonds. These extravagant python iPhones make quite a statement at $2,500 to $10,200.

In addition to an influx of new goods sporting our favorite snakeskin styles, celebs caught sporting such goods have raised the question as to whether the wearing of reptile skins constitutes animal cruelty or not. Though fashion trends are pointing us towards animal accoutrements like snakeskin shoes, media headliners with animal activism leanings suggest that faux reptile fabrics – embellished on fabric bases like faux leather, PVC, patent vinyl, cotton velvet etc. – may be the way to go.

Fashion Faux Pas?

Kylie Minogue carrying a gold snakeskin bag.Pop star sensation Kylie Minogue created quite a media buzz with her extravagant gold python Zagliani shoulder bag way back in 2007. Similiarily, actress Eva Longoria was admonished by animal advocates when seen with her luxurious Prada python-skin bag, not to mention the ranks of high-profile celebs like Kate Moss and Keira Knightley, also sporting snakeskin accessories. However, despite the protests Mariah Carey wearing a snakeskin dress.of organizations like PETA – who went as far to send a personalized letter to Kylie Minogue asking her to stop supporting the snakeskin trade – snakeskin is still making fashion headlines. Take, for example, Mariah Carey in her snakeskin dress (image courtesy of posh24). Likewise, Whitney Port, Cindy Crawford, Nadine Cole, Emily Mortimer, and Naomi Watts have also been recently spotted with snakeskin accessories.  And let’s not forget when in late 2009 Alicia Keys sported some eye-catching metallic snakeskin boots for her live performance at New York City’s Rockefeller Center.

Fashion Activist Stella McCartney speaks out against Python, animal skin fashions

Acclaimed fashion designer Stella McCartney has been held in high regard for her championing against animal cruelty, continually refraining from using any animal hides in her stylish creations. She affirmed this position in a recent fall 2009 interview for InStyle magazine, advocating for consumers to “say no to leather, fur, and python.” In this way Stella McCartney is a rare breed among leaders in the fashion industry by maintaining that wearing animal skins isn’t fashionable at all.

Whether it’s featured in the line-up of latest luxury goods or at the center of fashion-triggered controversies, snakeskin is continuously making headlines in the media! Subscribe to the scaly sensation by flaunting your own snakeskin-inspired styles!

Snakeskin fabric in the upholstery industry

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Snakeskin has made quite a statement in fashion, embellishing the bags and boots of all the biggest celebrities. But snakeskin can make just as much of a statement in your home as well. Snakeskin fabric is often used to upholster everything from ottomans to sofas and chairs! Faux snakeskin is plush and inexpensive while adding an exotic, edgy feel to your home decorum.

Snakeskin fabric for handbags.
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Due to the brutal way in which snakeskin and other reptilian skin was harvested, not to mention the surge in cost as demand rose and hunted species became increasingly rare, leaders in the fashion industry opted for humane and inexpensive alternatives to authentic animal skins. By embellishing fabric with a snakeskin pattern, manufacturers could reproduce the scaly look their customers so desperately wanted to flaunt. Such faux skin fabrics have opened up a new realm of possibilities for design and decorum. While snakeskin and other animal prints have long been adapted to fashion and accessories, there are increasingly finding their ways into homes as well.

Too often snakeskin patterns are associated with PVC, patent vinyl and other slick materials in garish shades of hot red or neon green. Likewise, snakeskin patterns are often dismissed as being too conspicuous for the home, better suited for bar scenes and nightclubs. And while no one would argue that a set of snakeskin-upholstered barstools are cool, in actuality snakeskin and other reptile fabrics hold the potential for class and sophistication when presented in the right hues and against the proper fabrics. The trick is to keep the snakeskin a subtle accent rather than a center of attention. The patterns provided by reptile skins are already distinct enough that they arguably suffer from any other kind of embellishment. In this vein, you should stick to soft fabrics and neutral or earthy colors when choosing your snakeskin upholstery.

Upholstered snakeskin chair.Scaly Sophistication: The winning combination of animal skin upholstery is epitomized in this tasteful snakeskin armchair. Upholstered in a glimmering snakeskin-patterned cotton velvet, the chair exudes elegance with the texture provided by the natural variances in color and shade. The intriguing snakeskin pattern offers an exotic element that defines this piece as the centerpiece of any room. At the same time, it’s soft and subtle enough to seamlessly blend with the rest of your decorum.

Image of Metaphores’ Boa courtesy of Fibercopia.

Snakeskin adds a sense of the chic and stylish to any abode. It, like other reptile fabrics, possesses a natural texture from its scaly constitution, which simply exudes intrigue. A snakeskin pattern applied to faux leather in muted neutral tones like beige and cream add a bit of edge perfect for upholstering car seats, while remaining sophisticated enough to be suitable for a swank living room sofa or armchair. Snakeskin applied to the same leather-like material in rich hues of red or deep green add a soft sensuality when limited to accents like throw pillows and the like. Conversely, sometimes a bit of hardness is desirable; applying a thick crocodile skin pattern to PVC or patent vinyl yields the perfect material to cover an ottoman or chair in olive or other neutral tones. This material is slick and cool, fully embodying the reptiles whose skin inspired them.

Reptile skin upholstered table.It’s not just seating that can be upholstered in reptilian skin; here Graham & Greene deliver a contemporary coffee table bound in cream faux snakeskin fabric and fashioned on a stainless steel frame and legs. The smooth leather material and neutral color complements the snakeskin pattern perfectly while and allowing this potential living room centerpiece to harmonize with the rest of the decorum. Products such as these demonstrate the overwhelming potential for snakeskin in the upholstery industry. From slick car seats and bar stools to sophisticated home seating and tableware, reptile skin fabric is making a statement in interior decorating.