Animal rights activist remove snakeskin commercial

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In this Heineken Light commercial, snakeskin fashion was thrust into the forefront, becoming the focus of the advertisement and the wrath of animal activists that put enough pressure on Heineken that the beer company was forced to take the commercial off of the air. Despite the criticism that Heineken came under for featuring a snake fight and snakeskin coat in their commercial, snakeskin fashions and accessories are popular with celebrities, rock stars, and everyday people who are looking to make big statements with their fashion choices.

Snakeskin fashion has been a trend since the 1800’s when hatbands, belts, and boots were made from the hides of snakes. The bright colors and unique designs on the more exotic snakes made them a “must have” for fashionistas; however, animal rights groups and the extinction that looms in the future for many types of these reptiles has made it much harder for people to buy clothing made from snakes.  As a result, many popular snakeskin styles are now made from faux snakeskin fabric and designs.

With the trend of snakeskin designs making a comeback, faux designs are able to be made in many more colors than what was available strictly through dyes added to the real skins, which did not always take to the skins or last for extended periods of time.

In the Heineken Light commercial, the man’s snakeskin jacket is out of place in various social occasions, like formal meetings; however, when he attends an offshore charity snake-fighting event, it makes the “right occasion even righter,” making an analogy between Heineken Light and a snakeskin jacket.  The same can be said of wearing the right snakeskin pieces to the right events, it is just all about where you wear it and how you pull off the look, making the right occasion, like going to nightclubs, “even righter.”