Snakeskin Cosplay Outfits

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Costume play is not limited to specific costumes or themes. Instead, it’s an opportunity for people to dress up like their favorite characters from movies, comic books, cartoon shows, etc. Many of those who participate in cosplay their roles seriously and attempt to recreate a real-life version of their personal favorite moguls. Along with props and makeup comes the attire, and that is where the importance of material and fabric use come in. 

Someone who wants to depict the Joker, for example, is not going to wear a latex suit. But that does not mean the get-up is restricted to what is usually portrayed. Nephrite, a character from an anime show called “Sailor Moon,” is a good model of how dexterous fabrics can be in costume-making. In the cartoon, Nephrite looks to be wearing a cloth-oriented suit. Because his wardrobe is subtle in colors and tone, black snakeskin would work fairly well as Nephrite’s top piece.

Nephrite Cosplay Snakeskin CostumeSnakeskin is usually connected to adjectives like “thick,” or “rough,” but those descriptions don’t apply to the whole. There is snakeskin that is thinner, flexible, has a duller finish, and patterns that are embossed rather than printed. Stretch ability varies, it’s not costly, and it would be something different to fool with.

Cosplay encourages unique costumes or add-ons, too. The evil Spiderman, whose colors are black and silver, could have a suit made from light gray snakeskin, or even have the head piece, if separate, styled from reptilian pattern. A personal twist is always an admirable touch.

Snakeskin is actually a flexible fabric if used creatively. Combinations can be made from its physical qualities to its symbolic ones. There doesn’t seem to be a genre that it cannot work with or around.


Ideas for White Snakeskin

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The trend of animal prints and faux skins are still going strong. And the possibilities for prints are endless: cheetah, zebra, tiger, and snake. Whether you want to subtly add the print in the form of an accessory or you want to add it in a bigger way with a dress or pants, you too can follow the call of the print.

Some of the prints are better used than others, presumably, the cheetah print. To be a little more original, you could look in to adding a white snakeskin to your wardrobe attire. It is still very trendy and can be paired with a lot of different pieces no matter if you add the snakeskin as an accessory or as your main piece of clothing. Here are some ideas that you may want to add to your closet.

A White Snakeskin Pant:
The printed, white snakeskin pant is a stunning piece that you will be sure to love. Here, it is simply paired with a white top to make it very simple. While this is a fairly casual outfit, it can be instantly glammed up with a nice blazer. And although the white on white is a great look, you can add a lot of color to contrast the whiteness of the pants. A simple, plain colored top with bring out the pattern of the snakeskin nicely. The possibilities are endless with these pants.

A White Snakeskin Dress:
Kim Kardashian shows off a very nice yet simple white snakeskin dress. In the form of a dress, you can let the print speak for itself with little accessorizing as Kim does here. Pair with black heels and only earrings for jewelry; the dress is the focus of attention.

A White Snakeskin Swimsuit:
To take the print to an even more casual setting, you can get it in the form of a swimsuit. It is a great way to follow the trend to the beach. With the added black frills on the edges of the top, there is a nice contrast between the print and the solid materials.

However you choose to add the print, the number of ways to fashion them and make them work for you are endless. Prints can be easy going and sophisticated at the same time. Have fun with it!

Snakeskin Video Review

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This short video shows the balanced combination of a long-sleeve, button up shirt, made out of snakeskin, along with a cute black, leather skirt. The particular print is not overwhelming in color or pattern. The black skirt helps outline the gray tones and scales of the blouse, and the texture of each article compliments the other.

Snakeskin can be difficult to dress with, because of its weight and vivid exterior, but there are numerous styles of reptilian print available. Not all like-fabrics have to be heavy, either. Faux snakeskin is made with materials that can have a mild to strong stretch, are soft on the inside, and thinner than real snakeskin. These factors make it comfortable, as well as stylish, to wear a pair of tight, snakeskin jeans.

Leather can be expensive and is thick, especially if combined with something as bold as snakeskin. Vinyl is an alternative choice because it is cheaper and lighter. Vinyl comes in matte style or patent style. A matte vinyl fabric would go much better with clothing similar to what is being worn in the video. Snakeskin is hyper on its own. Therefore, wearing duller finishes with it can help keep the whole ensemble calm and casual.

Snakeskin Skirts

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As the colder seasons approach, people begin to pack their summer-like outfits into boxes, and start to unpack the thicker/warmer clothes. It’s a routine for those who are lucky enough to experience changes in weather and season because we know what we’re in for. But some of us cannot say “goodbye” to things like dresses and skirts. It’s a sacrifice that has to be made, especially if we wear materials, such as snakeskin, that can cheat Mother Nature’s climate change.

Snakeskin is versatile because of its various properties. Textures can be subtle or outrageous; embossed or printed. The same applies to the color range. White may make it harder to see the pattern, but its shine helps the fabric stand out. Typically, faux snakeskin is produced from vinyl. The fabric’s stretch ability depends on color and pattern. For example, black snakeskin has less flexibility, but probably suits the wearer properly for harsher weather conditions. The vinyl helps repel against potential water damage. This is advantageous for us clumsy folk when we inevitably fall into the snow. 

Especially in the autumn season, snakeskin should not be limited to dark motifs. Colors, like the oranges and reds of changing leaves, can be replicated and would show off nicely. For a more business or professional appearance, earthy tones and colors would probably work better. Tops and bottoms create themes for outfits. Vinyl boots would come off as tacky if a snakeskin skirt was already being worn. But switching is always an option, too. Even accessorizing with a snakeskin purse or clutch would add some exoticism.

Snakeskin Belts

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black, vinyl snakeskin beltSnakes already look like belts on their own, so why not create or wear one? A belt, that is. They act as accessories for dresses, holder-uppers for pants, and make bold statements without even trying. Like shoes, small indicators of the personality behind the wearer, belts are the same. One made out of snakeskin can make for a great conversation piece, or something for people to gawk at as they pass by. They probably smell better and last longer than a real snake.

If snakeskin jeans are already being worn, do not go overboard. Instead, pick a pair of pants, or a top, that a snakeskin belt could compliment. If the pants are already shiny or made out of a vinyl-like material, wear a belt that has a rougher or duller finish, like a reptile skin with a matte exterior. If a snakeskin vinyl belt can’t be avoided, hopefully, the article it is matching will not overshadow.

red, reptile skin beltAuthentic snakeskin is expensive, but there are other options, such as imitation snakeskin. Not only does it cost less, it can be made out of softer materials and appears real. The combinations of creativity for snake print are endless when it comes to belts. Prints, patterns, textures, colors, etc. can vary for the body, while the buckle could resemble something like a snake head.

Imitation snakeskin is a smart choice because of the different styles and forms it can take on, unlike the actual thing. For example, hot pink is not a natural color, but in the snakeskin print world, it is. If made out of vinyl, it would reflect the sleekness of actual snakeskin. Reptile skin also varies because snakes are not the only cool reptiles to wear. These varieties include animals such as iguanas and crocodiles, whose skin is also exotic and unique.

The common shapes of belts and snakes are thin and narrow, so keep in mind the other clothing being worn in sync. Of course, belts can be wider, but too much of a good thing turns into a bad. Tighter clothes usually go better with belts, especially if produced from reptile skin. Otherwise, there would be no point in showing off such a wild accent.



Snakeskin Jeans

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women's snakeskin jeansJeans are a fun clothing to get playful with. For a rebellious rocker, they can come with holes already in them. For the neon, modern hipster, some jeans are multi-colored and “skinny.” For the tough-skinned individuals, there are jeans made from exotic materials, such as snakeskin. Since the majority of us do not have the time to hunt and skin snakes and reptiles, we rely on fabrics that make us think and feel like we are wearing the real thing.

Snakeskin and reptilian fabrics usually have a rough and rigid-looking exterior, but they can be stretchy and flexible. Many come in a 2-way stretch, which means they only stretch horizontally. This offers less ability to move freely, but can still be relaxed. However, a 4-way stretch fabric stretches both horizontally and vertically. Most are made with a soft, polyester backing, so the fabric is breathable, light, and not harsh on the wearer. Before buying snakeskin fabric, make sure to read about what types of materials are being used on the inside.

reptilian printThe outside of snakeskin fabric is embossed with vinyl, mimicking what some real snakeskin actually looks like. Not all snakeskin jeans have to look like they came off some vermin from a desert in Utah. A spectrum of patterns, colors, and textures exist. Snake prints range from shiny, silver metallic to hot pink reptilian print. The scales can be large, oval shaped, and painted with various colors, or they can be small, pearl-shaped, and a single color. Even crocodile skin can be replicated! Below are some helpful examples showing a few of the many types of snakeskin and reptile print.


Snakeskin Fashions for Pets

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Traditionally, a dog’s main purpose is to be man’s best friend, an extension of the family, and to be a darling to the family. Initially, clothing for dogs was enforced in military regions in order to save the dogs from potential assaults and from being war casualties. However, dog clothing has changed with time.

Dog with Snakeskin Clothing

Dog with Snakeskin Clothing

Now, you can see different styles and types of clothing on dogs from snakeskin fabric collars to entire snakeskin fabric outfits. Oprah Winfrey treats her dogs like royalty and she actually provides an air conditioned dog house furnished with beds and other amenities for her pets.

Although some people do not agreeing with dressing pets, there are actually very compelling arguments for doing so.

In Favor of Dog Clothing

1. A dog’s clothing can be its direct line of attack. Clothing can protect your dog from cuts, scratches, scrapes, bruises, and possibly terrible weather conditions.
2. Dog clothing is trendy and fashionable. Lately, there have been many cats and dogs dressed in snakeskin fabric outfits. People are closely connected to their pets and sometimes equate how well an owner pampers his dog to the owner’s financial status.

3. Shoes can protect an animal’s paws. Sometimes the terrain can be rough, icy, hot, or covered with broken glass. In these situations, the animal’s paws will be safe.

Snakeskin Pet Collar

Snakeskin Pet Collar

4. Clothing may help repel insects, spider bites, and possibly ticks.
It only takes one sighting of Perez Hilton’s dog “Teddy” to wear a snakeskin fabric collar to start a new trend in the canine world. Right now, reptile fashions for pets are as big as reptile fashions for humans, an almost every stylish Beverly Hills dog has at least one item in their wardrobe.
If you’re still not ready to dress your dog up, a snakeskin collar or snakeskin pet carrier may be the best option for you. Like people, some dogs just aren’t quite bold enough to pull off reptile fashions, but they can incorporate it into their look with a simple collar or by riding in style on your arm.

Pop Stars in Snakeskin

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Jennifer Lopez wearing snakeskin.

Jennifer Lopez wearing snakeskin.

Pop stars and snakeskin fashion have long gone hand in hand, phasing in and out as animal prints rise into the forefront of fashion and then disappear into the background again.  Some celebrities, like Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Donaldson make the look chic and effortless, while others go a little overboard.

When worn correctly, snakeskin apparel, accessories, and prints offer a fashionable touch of personality to your wardrobe; however, pulling it off takes just the right combination of color, accessories, hair, and makeup to ensure that you are on the “best dressed” list, rather than the worst, a delicate balance of tastefulness and trendiness that must be carefully navigated.

Jennifer Lopez’s “snakeskin everything” outfit has been widely criticized, pairing a snakeskin printed chiffon dress with thigh high snakeskin boots, becoming “too much,” with a busy, dizzying look.  In a surprising turn of events, the celebrity who wears snakeskin best and with the most style is Lady Gaga, who uncharacteristically went simple with her hair, makeup, and accessories, allowing her snakeskin dress to stand on its own as the showcase piece that it is.

Lady Gaga wears snake skin.

Lady Gaga wears snake skin.

While most python looks trend towards neutrals like beige and brown, Lady Gaga added a pop of color to the look with a bright yellow print, updating it and making it truly memorable, in a completely different way than Lady Gaga’s outfits are usually memorable.

When you’re wearing snakeskin fashions, take a page out of Lady Gaga’s book and go simple with your hair, makeup, and accessories: snakeskin makes a statement on its own that can be overshadowed by overdoing your ensemble.  Whether you’re wearing a snakeskin dress or snakeskin pants, learning the lessons on how and how not to wear the look from the pop stars who pioneered the style guarantee that you will be the center of attention wherever you go.

Snakeskin Furniture

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Snakeskin Ottoman

Snakeskin Ottoman

Although leather is the only type of animal hide that most Americans have seen furniture made from, around the world, furniture, clothing and other miscellaneous items are made from various types of animal hides. Even though many exotic animals are illegal to hunt, poachers have paid no attention to the laws and killed these animals for their hides and body parts.

It is when elephant, gorilla and rhinoceros legs are used as the base for a table, as well as their tusks used for dozens of odd decorations, that some people develop a taste for the exotic. In countries such as South Africa, ostrich skin has become popular for people with wealth

and social status to make lounge suites, ottomans and other types of furniture and accent pieces. As snakeskin becomes increasingly popular, so does the desire to have snakeskin as the furniture medium of choice by these people with a unique taste.

Furniture that is made by using snakeskin usually is very durable, due to its pliable and tough design by nature, and is waterproof for the same reasons. If you are looking for animal-friendly options, embossed vinyl can give you an equally stylish variation on the look.

Snakeskin Chair

Snakeskin Chair

Snakeskin prints are a great way to subtly incorporate the look into a room to give it the special and exotic look. Many of the natural markings and colorings of the snake will blend into virtually any type of décor but is probably most fitting in a more rustic style of decorating.

If you’re not quite bold enough to wear a snakeskin print, incorporating snakeskin style fabrics into your décor can be a fun way to take part in the trend. Snakeskin fabrics come in all variations, from those traditionally seen in nature to fun metallics and othercolors and finishes that are certain to add a touch of personality to your home.

Moral benefits of faux snakeskin

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Snakeskin has been in the fashion world for awhile now, but a lot of people will not buy it because it goes against their morals. Real skins do in fact come from real snakes, and most people have a problem with wearing something made from snakeskin because of that. Luckily, faux snakeskin has come a long way over the years, and it now looks and feels just like the real deal. The only difference is that you don’t have to worry about any moral dilemmas in buying it. Here are a few other benefits you may look forward to with the faux skin alternative.

Because faux snakeskin is manmade, it is designed to be more durable than traditional snakeskin. Thus you can get more use out of your clothing and accessories when they are made out of faux snakeskin than you can out of the ones made from traditional snakeskin.

If you are trying to sew something with snakeskin, it is going to be much easier to do so on the faux option than the real one. Faux skins are made to sew well, so you can create whatever you want to with them.

Faux snakeskin is significantly cheaper to buy than real snakeskin, and it still provides the same look in the end. In this state of the economy, any savings you can find will be a positive one. Luckily in this case, you don’t have to make any sacrifices as a result of the savings.

Whether you buy faux snakeskin purely for moral reasons or you like some of the other benefits you can gain from it, you should have no reason to complain about having this fabric in your life if you decide to work with it in the future.