Snakeskin fabric in the upholstery industry

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Snakeskin has made quite a statement in fashion, embellishing the bags and boots of all the biggest celebrities. But snakeskin can make just as much of a statement in your home as well. Snakeskin fabric is often used to upholster everything from ottomans to sofas and chairs! Faux snakeskin is plush and inexpensive while adding an exotic, edgy feel to your home decorum.

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Due to the brutal way in which snakeskin and other reptilian skin was harvested, not to mention the surge in cost as demand rose and hunted species became increasingly rare, leaders in the fashion industry opted for humane and inexpensive alternatives to authentic animal skins. By embellishing fabric with a snakeskin pattern, manufacturers could reproduce the scaly look their customers so desperately wanted to flaunt. Such faux skin fabrics have opened up a new realm of possibilities for design and decorum. While snakeskin and other animal prints have long been adapted to fashion and accessories, there are increasingly finding their ways into homes as well.

Too often snakeskin patterns are associated with PVC, patent vinyl and other slick materials in garish shades of hot red or neon green. Likewise, snakeskin patterns are often dismissed as being too conspicuous for the home, better suited for bar scenes and nightclubs. And while no one would argue that a set of snakeskin-upholstered barstools are cool, in actuality snakeskin and other reptile fabrics hold the potential for class and sophistication when presented in the right hues and against the proper fabrics. The trick is to keep the snakeskin a subtle accent rather than a center of attention. The patterns provided by reptile skins are already distinct enough that they arguably suffer from any other kind of embellishment. In this vein, you should stick to soft fabrics and neutral or earthy colors when choosing your snakeskin upholstery.

Upholstered snakeskin chair.Scaly Sophistication: The winning combination of animal skin upholstery is epitomized in this tasteful snakeskin armchair. Upholstered in a glimmering snakeskin-patterned cotton velvet, the chair exudes elegance with the texture provided by the natural variances in color and shade. The intriguing snakeskin pattern offers an exotic element that defines this piece as the centerpiece of any room. At the same time, it’s soft and subtle enough to seamlessly blend with the rest of your decorum.

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Snakeskin adds a sense of the chic and stylish to any abode. It, like other reptile fabrics, possesses a natural texture from its scaly constitution, which simply exudes intrigue. A snakeskin pattern applied to faux leather in muted neutral tones like beige and cream add a bit of edge perfect for upholstering car seats, while remaining sophisticated enough to be suitable for a swank living room sofa or armchair. Snakeskin applied to the same leather-like material in rich hues of red or deep green add a soft sensuality when limited to accents like throw pillows and the like. Conversely, sometimes a bit of hardness is desirable; applying a thick crocodile skin pattern to PVC or patent vinyl yields the perfect material to cover an ottoman or chair in olive or other neutral tones. This material is slick and cool, fully embodying the reptiles whose skin inspired them.

Reptile skin upholstered table.It’s not just seating that can be upholstered in reptilian skin; here Graham & Greene deliver a contemporary coffee table bound in cream faux snakeskin fabric and fashioned on a stainless steel frame and legs. The smooth leather material and neutral color complements the snakeskin pattern perfectly while and allowing this potential living room centerpiece to harmonize with the rest of the decorum. Products such as these demonstrate the overwhelming potential for snakeskin in the upholstery industry. From slick car seats and bar stools to sophisticated home seating and tableware, reptile skin fabric is making a statement in interior decorating.