Video commentary: Snake skin fashions

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This snake skin fashion video is a quick thirty second look at some of the hottest ways to pull together a mostly snakeskin look.  In this video you see style ideas that can be used in all seasons.  The greatest thing about this video is the outfits shown are also paired with some chic snake skin accessories.

The fashions and accessories in this video do not always match the outfits in style and color of the snakeskin print, but instead they are coordinated to not be overpowering.  One of the first outfits features a grey pleather snake skin jacket with a golden yellow similar print handbag and a pair of snakeskin rimmed sunglasses.  This look pairs a bold print with smaller similar print items that don’t detract from the look of the statement piece.

The next look is of a simple snakeskin printed sleeveless blouse with matching gloves and scarf, not to mention if you look closely, there are a pair of hot matching heels.  The way this video is set up allows for the viewer to see some of the trendiest fashions without taking too much time to explain what goes with what and why.

You can see the simple explanations through the looks presented learning that all you need is one bold snake skin statement piece, and then add a few smaller accessories which will complement the outfit well.  Pairing simple items with a bold piece can take an outfit to the next level.

There is even a way to bring together multiple eye catching pieces as with the one ensemble where the model is wearing a snake skin print dress, and snake skin decorated waist belt and a bright bold sequin jacket.  The pairing of the different materials allows for some trendy fashion ideas fit for a club or event.

Fabrics and trends for Spring

Category : Snakeskin Fabrics

This YouTube video, Must Have Accessories for Spring/Summer, shows some wonderful examples of the hottest accessories for this season.  The best part about this video is the numerous snakeskin accessories depicted.  Snakeskin fabric is definitely in this season!  This video shows the trends straight from the runways, and you know if it’s been on the runway then it is going to be number one look on celebrities and fashionistas alike.

At time 0:25 we have a gorgeous snakeskin print handbag in pink and yellow coloring.  This color popping look gives all the sexiness of your typical snakeskin fashions and the vibrant colors of spring.  Paired with a sexy sundress or a pair of hot jeans, this would be a great accessory to add to your wardrobe, but what else can we take from this purse?  It also represents all the fun of spring with vibrant colors daring you to think outside the box when it comes to your favorite prints.


Snakeskin was once reserved for the fall and winter season when we are in the greatest need for heat trapping fabrics that are stylish and fun, however, snakeskin is now getting a new life in a new season.  Later on in time 0:54 we see a wild printed dress with snakeskin, fur, and a great little reptile print belt.  From this look we can take the accents on the dress as a hint to be sure to add some decorative trims, and incorporate a stylish belt.

Around 2:47 we get to what the YouTube poster, FatFashionista, calls the Monty Python.  Here the video shows a collage of all the the snakeskin inspired runway fashions for this season.  Here we can see sexy python printed heels, handbags, belts, watches, and more.  There are some to die for thigh-high bronze snakeskin boots, large snakeskin printed handbags, and some wildly designed heels that stretch the imagination.

We later get to some outfits such as blouses, jackets, pantyhose, and dresses.   One of the sexiest looks here is a pair of snakeskin pantyhose that are see-through.  This kind of look gives all the coverage of a regular set of pantyhose with the sexiness of some snakeskin appliques.   There is even a 100% crocadile-like print look that is to die for at time 3:08 that can be used in both fall and spring seasons.

This short four minute video is the perfect tool for any fashionable person looking to add some zing into their wardrobe.  You can either go hunting the racks for the same exact styles or be creative and make your own personalized and tailored look with the help of some high quality snakeskin fabrics available at your trusted animal-friendly retailer.  Save a few animals, and choose the animal friendly alternative, faux snakeskin.